summer 2004 rescues!
and this is just the tip of the iceberg!  There are Rottweilers in every shelter of our country. Most do not make it out alive!


marymac and maxine!

both are in a shelter in Newark, New Jersey

I ended up in a shelter. No one knows WHY.  I was very afraid at first, but I was placed with another girl who was in the same predicament I was in.  She was missing a foot, too! 
I heard someone called us TRIPODS!

I heard that because we were "good girls" they were going to find us a good home.

There is a lady in Florida who loves TRIPODS!
Her name is Marie Zeak
Go look at the TRIPODS she has helped


I am told that I will have a home with MARIE!
It will happen thanks to a bunch of GUARDIAN ANGELS who are going to drive me down all the way from New Jersey to Florida!

How did I get my name MARYMAC?
THAT is the name of the GUARDIAN ANGEL who is coordinating my ride to my final destination in Florida!

She is MARY MAC!
Ooooh boy!  Do I love her already!  I am honored to be named after her.


Here is a copy of an email that explains a little of Marymac's history

To: to:

Sent: Monday, July 19, 2004 8:12 AM

Subject: Re: MaryMac/the tri-pod

Dear Marie:  So nice to hear from you and I hope the transport runs smoothly and MaryMac (the Rotti) is with you soon.  She came in as a stray so I have no history on her whatsoever. When she came in her leg was literally hanging and it was clear that amputation was the only solution.  She had such a great disposition even though she had to be in so much pain; we did the surgery and decided to try and find a home for her.  She came in to us in March and stayed in our medical department until May 21st.  We did not want her to go into the main shelter until she was fully healed.  She continued to have her wonderful personality and we continued to send out her information to our contacts.  We do work with a terrific Rotti rescue in New England but they have been pulling from us for quite awhile (as well as other shelters) and I think they were just too full.  Luckily it worked out and she is on her way now to a great home.  Thank you so much for taking her.  I wish I had more to share but since she came in as a stray it is only what we observed.  MaryMac was kenneled with another female and they got along fine.  Even with her daily walks she is a bit portly but spending all that time recuperating she did not get as much exercise as she normally would.  We do have in and our runs and she kept her inside run clean so that is a good sign.  She walks well on a leash and is friendly and loving.   Really hope this helps a little.  When you meet her you will see how special she is.     Debbie AHS


My friend is also GETTING OUT OF THIS PLACE!
I was so worried about her. I did not want to leave her behind.
Her name is...


When I heard that my friend was leaving I was very sad. She was the ONLY THING I had left in the world, MY FRIEND!

But, I knew deep in my heart that I too was going out of here. God was NOT going to abandon me as my previous owners did.

I am old, well, not really THAT OLD.  I am between 8 or 9 years old, maybe less.  Yes, I am missing my right rear foot!

but... I can walk, I can run. I can live with YOU if you give me a chance.

MARYMAC my friend found a home already, but not I.

I am told that someone is willing to keep me until I get a permanent home. I am grateful for that.

What I wish the most is to have a home where I am loved and can live the rest of my life showing HOW GOOD I AM.

Please, open your heart and LISTEN to God's calling
to help me.

Maybe someday, Marymac and I will meet again!


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