A Rottweiler abandoned and tied to a fence!

Had ticks all over his body, so many that after a dip someone had to sit down to take them off his face!

COAL was full of hookworms. The ticks and the hookworms were eating him alive!
He is now anemic 

Updated on 9/9/04 with new pictures at the bottom of the page!

He is a gorgeous male who has been neglected and is underweight.

But, as a good Rottweiler he is, he shows his gratitude TO HIS RESCUER

MARNIE is her name
and he makes sure to tell her how much he loves her
"MARNIE, I will see you again"


was pick up by Cathy Crespo of
Gulfstream GUARDIAN ANGELS Rottweiler Rescue
Saturday, August 21, 2004 and he is now at a clinic

for more information on COAL



will be a handsome boy!

COAL After Tender Loving Care

On September 8, 2004 Cathy Crespo sent new pictures and writes...

I went to see Coal today and bathe him and take him out before his surgery tomorrow.  HE LOOKS AWESOME!!  He has gained 12 lbs his eyes are clear and the bottom lids are beginning to close up to the eye.  All of the sores on his body are healed and most of the scabies are dried up and falling off.  His hair is back and there are only a few places on his face that still need some.  He did not collapse once during our walks.  He is getting stronger by the day.  AND WHAT A LOVER.  He gives kisses and hugs.  Loves to take a bath and be brushed. 
In 2 weeks he has transformed into a handsome , strong boy.  I tell him all about Xena and his new home everyday and while I know it will be hard for him to leave me (he loves me to death) I know he will be so happy there. 
Here are some pictures taken today.  Go see what 17 days of TLC has done for this boy.



before and after


I AM SO HAPPY! Can you tell? 
Cathy, from day one you helped me. You took a look at me and you LOVED me! I will NEVER, NEVER forget you, my Guardian Angel. Thank You! 
I am riding in my new car and going to MY OWN HOME!
Meet my new Dad Jim, Mom Joanie and Sister Xena!
this is what my Guardian Angel Cathy Crespo writes..

Today Coal found his forever home.  As I sit here crying because I will miss Coal.  I also have tears of JOY!!.  Coal was one of the those rescues that really got under my skin.   The love is his eyes and the bond he formed with me in the short time we had together makes me wonder how anyone could have ever been so mean to him. 

Today he went home with Jim and Joan and his new sister Xena.  God sent us a very special home for Coal.  It's not everyday you find a home that is not looking for a PERFECT dog.  Everyone one wants the young, handsome, healthy dogs.  

God sends special people for dogs like Coal that need a little extra care.  Coal is mostly blind and needs a guide person.  I think his new sister is going to be his eyes.  She was already showing him how to get the ball. 

I would like to thank Grace for making him his own website as if not for the website Jim and Joan would not have found him.  A big thanks to Luis who is always making the time to do our home checks anywhere in the middle of the state.  And especially I would like to thank God for bring Jim and Joan for traveling 5 hours each way and for making room in their hearts and home for this great guy.

We will be looking forward to an update form you just to let us know how things are going.
Kiss Coal for me and tell him how much he is loved.

and now, I need to show you more pictures
 my Dad Jim is telling XENA to be good to me. 
He said, "go play ball with Coal"...
 She brought me the ball. It has been a very long time that I had a ball to play with. THAT was so sweet of her. 

and Dad could not wait to tell everyone how wonderful I am

Hi Guys:
What a great dog. The ride back was good.  Once everybody got where they wanted to be, they all went to sleep.  Everybody in the middle of the van.  Coal, Xena, and Joanie.  All sound asleep.
We took them for a short walk when we got home.  The main problem now, is Coal "sprinkling" all over the house.  Boy, I hope that doesn't last long.  Going to get the air horn soon.  Hopefully that will help.
Coal has shown absolutely no aggression or loss of patience with Xena.  Joanie put Xena's food down, and Xena wasn't interested.  So we let Coal see if he wanted it, which at first he did not.  After second thoughts, he devoured it.  At that time Xena was astounded.  She looked at him looked at us, looked at him, looked at us.  As if to say: "Hey, that guy is eating MY food".  Xena is a little unsure of the big guy. 
He is just sitting next to me here by the computer now.  What a lover.  Oh oh.  OK now Xena is finally encouraging him to play.  He's just standing there looking at her.  OK so she just crawled under him.  Now she jumped on his head.  This is a riot.  He's wagging his tail.
By the way, while Xena was eating, I took Coal outside and brushed him.  No loose hair at all.  He has been well taken care of, Catherine.  Thank you.
This is great, he's starting to respond to her playfulness now.  They are really funny.  He is playing so good with her.
The next few days should be fun.  I'll take pictures.  I promise.  Any other suggestions about how to stop the "sprinkling" are welcome.

and more...

This guy won't leave my side!  He is glued to me.  I thought we was a "lady's man".  I guess not.
By the way.  We aren't such "special people" like Catherine said.  The credit goes to "Jake".  I swear he spoke to me from the Rainbow Bridge, and told me to rescue a Rottie.
The love and pleasure that he gave to us in 10 years is immeasurable.  It's only fair that we give love to another dog who wasn't so lucky.

I love it here!

It can be done!  Never, never leave a dog abandoned.  You take him home and God will do the rest!

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