a miracle after a storm! 

The story of two rottweilers rescued after Katrina hit 
New Orleans 

two nine year old brother and sister 
Once more abandoned. Read at the end of the story.

Their story told by Jim and Linda Garvie

Many of you are aware that a few weeks ago, we assisted in the transport of New Orleans rescues, Zelda and Abe (named by the rescuers).  Zelda and Abe had been found in a home in downtown New Orleans and had found their way to a shelter in Dothan, AL. 

 They were clearly not kids and were inseparable.  Grace volunteered to foster them and we agreed to help with the transport.

On Sunday, October 9, we set off for Tallahassee to meet up with Beth Fitzgerald 

who was transporting those two plus a third rescue, Sugar, from Dothan.  I went up there with Linda's sister, Rose Ann and a good friend Rudy.  We picked up the rescues and it was clear that while Zelda was dealing with things fairly well, Abe was very depressed.  He needed
to be coaxed out of the crate.  He wouldn't go anywhere without Zelda. We were very concerned about whether he was going to be able to deal with all the travel and change.  And more than that, we worried about Zelda if Abe couldn't.  We brought Sugar to Celia Cone in Alachua and
Zelda and Abe back to Orlando where Grace brought them home to the Acosta Dog Hotel. 

Two weeks later, we heard that Zelda and Abe's owner, Jackie Carroll, had been found.  We talked with her by phone and learned that Zelda and Abe were actually Peaches and Chad.  They are 9 years old and yes, indeed, they are inseparable.  We offered to help get Jackie's dogs back
to her. 

Meanwhile, Grace had had the rescues checked out medically and was reporting that Chad was adjusting quite well to his new foster home. You can see them smiling in this picture!

On Friday, Leo and Mary Durbin, GRC members drove down from Palm Beach county to Grace's home in Miami Dade county and drove up to Orlando to bring us Peaches and Chad.  



Once we saw them, we knew these guys were going to be fine. Both dogs bounded out of the back of the Durbin's station wagon, pulled us over to the grass and peed side-by-side, then wiggled their butts and kissed us as if we were their long-lost relatives.  When we asked them
if they wanted to go home with us, they ran to our van, propped themselves on the rear bumper and waited for us to hoist them in.

They stayed in the house with us Friday night and Saturday.  Chad showed that he is the dominant of the two not with aggression but with a protective presence whenever one of our girls challenged Peaches.  On Saturday night, I sat in the kitchen while Linda prepared dinner with
Chad on my right side with his head on my right thigh and my arm around him and Peaches in the same position on my left thigh.  I got lots of kisses.  It was a really nice evening with two very sweet senior citizens.

On Sunday, Linda and I rose early got the van ready and then I asked Peaches and Chad if they'd like to go home.  They ran in circles, beelined to the van and let me hoist them in.

We met Beth Fitzgerald in Pensacola and the dogs wiggled and wagged when they saw her. 

They remembered her and seemed to understand that she was there to help them get home.  Beth then took Peaches and Chad to meet Jackie Carroll in Louisiana. 

On our way home, Beth called to tell us that when the dogs saw Jackie, they wiggled, wagged and kissed her incessantly.  Jackie cried.  She never thought that she'd see them again.

July 18, 2006
Grace writes to GRC  

I have found a home in TEXAS with the owner of Bandido's sister.  Ann, who is taking the couple out of the shelter will talk to Kandis, who will be taking them directly. I will keep everyone posted.  Keep your fingers crossed. 

Grace write to Anna and Kandis

Anna, meet Kandis. 

  Kandis meet Ann.    Anna,  is trying to get these poor dogs out of the shelter.  Please start communicating. 
Kandis cell 512.xxxx 
Ann 334.xxxx
Thank you, Ladies.      PLEASE, if you guys meet or transport, MAKE SURE PICTURES ARE TAKEN to continue their story on the Internet.  I will do my best to find a permanent home, but you guys know how hard is to place them both at their age.
GOD BLESS ALL OF US.    Grace Acosta

and the GOOD NEWS!

Now Anna Mouldon replies...

Grace and Kandis,  
I have located a foster home for them in GA.  I will be pulling and transporting in the next couple of days. 
Thank you for all your help and support.  We will send pictures as soon as we can. 
I think a home with a family will be better for them at this time than a kennel.  The family understands that they may not ever get adopted and are fine with that.
Thank you Kandis for your generous offer of help and thank you Grace for finding somewhere for them to go so quickly.
Anna Mouldon


NOTE:  GGARR does not know as of this date where the dogs are. We only know that they are in a good home in Georgia.  Nor GGARR knows which other organization was involved in the re-rescuing of Chad and Peaches. GGARR wants to thank all who were involved once more in their rescue.  


Gulfstream GUARDIAN ANGELS Rottweiler Rescue

Many thanks to the rescuers in the aftermath of Katrina for saving so many lives. The miracle of Peaches and Chad began when these worked endless days saving so many Rottweilers.

If You Don't Rescue

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