The Story of


It all started with a dog at the Miami Dade Animal Shelter.  He had a broken leg and was waiting his turn to be put to sleep. 

Grace Acosta saw him among the dogs 'waiting' and asked why was he there.
"Look at his leg", the shelter supervisor said.

The shelter did not know what was wrong with the leg and the shelter had no way of finding out as they did not have an x-ray machine.  Grace asked permission to take him to a clinic to have the x-rays done and it was granted. 
But, Grace on her second visit changed her mind and left him there.

On a third visit to the kennel Grace found out that this dog was still alive! 
Again, she left him.
 It was that night that someone posted to the Internet about a dog up north who had been thrown out of a car. A patrolman picked him up and surgery was performed on his chattered legs.   

Grace felt guilty for abandoning this dog and left a message that same night on the shelter's voice mail, 
"If the Rottweiler with the broken leg was still alive, please don't kill him.  I will pick him up tomorrow", she said.

He was picked up, taken to Tropical Park Animal Hospital and x-rays showed an old injury with nerve damage.  The leg had to go.


Chance went to live at Grace's motorhome.  She had no room in the house for him. The motorhome was parked outside her home and it became the air-condition "condo" where Chance lived.   He was good & he was never put in a crate. He had the run of the motorhome and his favorite place was "his" sofabed.

Soon there was a Guardian Angel sent.  Marie Zeak called Grace to chat and she found out about Chance.  She promised to look for a home for him.  Two days later she called and said that she had found a home for Chance...

Chance's name was changed to

his left front leg was amputated

passed his Temperament Test, his Canine Good Citizen Test and became a

AIJO was the perfect Therapy Dog who visited cancer patients

Aijo participated in many Parade of Rescue

Aijo had the best of homes.  He lived with Tony and Marie Zeak for four years.
It was the summer of 2002 when Aijo went to Rainbow Bridge.
Below are his last pictures just a few hours before saying his "goodbye" to the people he loved the most, his Guardian Angels Tony and Marie

The date will never be forgotten, June 5, 2002

but AIJO did not forget Tony and Marie!
a month later THIS is what he sent!

On July 6, 2002 Jane Dyar posts to the GRC group...
Okay ANGELS this one gives me chills.
I think AIJO has lead this young boy to us!
He is just about 12-14 months old, and has been hanging around a neighborhood near Miramar Parkway for about 2 weeks.  The lady who is feeding him just got back from a vacation and has been looking for his owner - no one. 

Here is the clincher:
This young boy is missing his left front leg, he was wearing a collar and is very, very sweet and friendly (however her dogs aren't as pleasant to strangers).  Looks healthy, a bit thin.  He stays and waits for her in the vacant house being built across the street, and really wants to come inside her house, however she won't let him in, she says her dogs would start a fight.  He is so sweet, he loves to get a belly rub and today she sat and rubbed him and took off a few ticks he had on him.  She has bulldogs and says she has never really liked Rottweilers, but he is the sweetest thing she has ever known!

OKAY HELP...Who is going to be able to take in this marvelous dog and help us to give him a second "CHANCE"?
Do any of these names sound familiar to any of you! 

Lord knows what has happened to this boy in the past, why he is missing his leg or what has lead him to this woman and our group to be rescued - but I still have chills.  There has got to be a reason and got to be something we can do!  I cannot take him in.  I will see if I can go down and get a picture of him - but she says a neighbor is going to call animal control if he isn't out of there soon and she doesn't want him to go there.  She was thinking of taking him to the Humane Shelter, but a thin 3 legged rottweiler I advised wouldn't do very well there either.

We would be able to get him transported if necessary, I'm sure with the help of volunteers, and the woman will take him part way!

God Bless and I will be praying for some kind of answer by morning.


a three legged Rottweiler pup found in the streets of Miami!

And what do you think he was named?
Aijo's Angel
And to whom do you think he was sent to?
Tony and Marie Zeak!

Here is the sequence of events... Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Tony and Marie arrived at the clinic

his first hugs and kisses





Tenshi meets the other Guardian Angels, Marlen Valle & Yoly Ramirez 

Tenshi meets her friend MAGIC!

and Tenshi wants a picture with his entire "family".  And said he was sorry that Jane Dyar was not on this picture, too.

Grace Acosta, Tenshi, Tony & Marie Zeak, Magic, Yoly Ramirez & Marlen Valle

and That's All Folks!

Yes!  We're happy once more!

and my dear
Mom and Dad,
I am very happy, too!
Love Tenshi as much as you loved me.  I will always be near you. When you hug Tenshi, you will hug me.


always remember God is good, God is great!

edited 7/11/02