International Homeless
Animal Day


Saturday, August 17, 2002
Tropical Park, Miami, FL

Sponsored by Miami-Dade Animal Services, Greater Miami Humane Society and
local Rescue Groups

Miami-Dade Animal Services

Greater Miami Humane Society

Dalmatian Rescue

Gulfstream Rottweiler Club

Setting up
Nick Ward says to Fernando Jimenez and Vince Rhodas...
"Now, what do I do with these things?"

Silvia Davalos and Yoly Ramirez help with the set up

Club members, Patty Fisher, Yoly Ramirez, Jane Dyar,
Paula Kozlowski, Beatriz Jimenez, Silvia Davalos.
Grace! what are you dropping on Yoly's head?

Cathy Crespo and Vince Rhodas brought a huge tent
and there was room for all the dogs

JACK & UNIQUE (left) and TURN, PIKE & ROJA (right)

LILY (left) & TAMI (right)

Jane's rescue (sorry, don't know name - left) & OLD LADY (right)
and then back at Grace's home Yoly wanted a picture with BANDIDO!

Thanks to all the club members who volunteered to work
In alphabetical order: 
Grace Acosta
 Gloria Alayon and grandchildren
 Catherine Crespo
 Silvia Davalos
Jane Dyar
Patty Fisher
Beatriz Jimenez
Fernando Jimenez
Paula Kozlowski
Yolanda Ramirez
Vince Rodas
Nick Ward

Jane's dog,  and Lily will be adopted out!

Miami-Dade Animal Services brought
all were adopted in less than two hours. They had to go to the shelter for more dogs!

Gulfstream Rottweiler Club
join us!

If You Don't Rescue

edited 12/23/03